Time to Change HVAC Filters

The return of cool weather signals the beginning of a new season. As the leaves change and the nights become cooler, we all turn our thermostats from “cool” to “heat.” Doing this should be a reminder to all of us that it is time to change the air filters in our furnaces. There are many different styles and efficiency ratings on filters. They all need to be changed periodically. In general, the higher efficiency filters should be changed each time we change the operation of our furnaces and air conditioners. This is usually done during the spring and fall. On the other hand, the lesser efficient filters should be changed every 30 days.

More Important than You May Think!

The filter not only cleans the air we breathe, it also serves as protection for the furnace and the cooling coil attached to the furnace. The performance of your furnace and air conditioner is directly affected by the condition of the filter. As the filter collects more debris it becomes clogged and allows less air to pass through it into the HVAC system. This increases the run time of the furnace and air conditioner, and lowers the efficiency. This could eventually cause mechanical issues such as overheating or damage to the heat exchanger.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Filter this Fall

Technology today gives you the ability to set reminders on your phone or on the thermostat jog your memory when this valuable component to your heating and cooling system needs to be changed. Don’t let something as simple as changing the filter cause you unnecessary grief and higher utility costs.

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