Get a High Return on Your Investment

If your furnace breaks down and it is 10 years old or older you should really consider replacing the unit rather than paying for costly repairs. It actually becomes a better investment for the customer.  As units get older they have a tendency to break down more often and also loose some of their efficiency.  By installing a new high efficiency furnace you will not only increase your efficiency but you may also qualify for federal energy tax credits and rebates from the local gas company.  This will give you a quicker return on your investment. Constantly throwing money into a unit that can barely make it a season without a breakdown is an investment that will never have a return. These days the real money when it comes to home improvements is in energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and Home Improvement Investments

            High efficiency furnaces are a standard in the industry and can save homeowners, especially those in cold climates, loads of money on their energy bills during the winter season. Other home improvement projects that have a high return on their investment are window replacements, insulation installation, and water heater upgrades. The point is to save money so that your investment can truly be worth all of the effort that will go into having it done. So why invest in stocks, bonds, or money market accounts? Invest in high efficiency and get a guaranteed return on your original investment, and best of all, your interest earnings will be tax free!


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