Maintenance and the Longevity of Your Furnace

If well taken care of, the typical furnace should be able to last about 20 years before needing to be replaced. However, thousands of homeowners find out the hard way that they did not take the necessary steps to preserve the unit and end up investing in a new unit much sooner than they planned. Most manufacturers include a clause in their warranty that required the homeowner to have a professional clean the unit yearly. Most assume that this is some tactic used by them to make more money, but really they have your best interests at heart. They want you to get the most out of their product and that can only be done when the homeowner takes proper care of the system.

How to Care for Your Furnace

            How do you take proper care of a system? Well it’s easy! Contact your favorite HVAC contractor and schedule yearly maintenance checks! Then, change your filter regularly and get the unit fixed at the first sign of a problem! Putting off repairs or failing to change the filter when it is dirty is just as bad as not having the yearly tune up done. It may cost you a little bit every year to get this work done, but the long term benefits defiantly outweigh the cost. We have seen units fail after just 7 years when not properly cared for. You could miss out on years of reliable service and find yourself shoveling out thousands in replacement costs a mere 7 years after the installation. Put some distance between you and the cost of replacement and get your yearly maintenance taken care of now!

One thought on “Maintenance and the Longevity of Your Furnace

  1. In the past, I have encouraged our Facebook fans to protect their furnace by changing the filters and scheduling an annual maintenance check. I would like to share your article on our Facebook wall this week,

    Thanks again,
    Tobin Miller

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