Setting Your Thermostat and Saving Money

If you do not have a programmable thermostat you might want to think about getting one after you read this.  A programmable thermostat is a wonderful money saving device to have.  It allows you to set different temperatures at different times throughout the day.  We all have very busy lives whether we work for a living at a 9 to 5 or as a stay at home mom or dad. We are lucky if we have time to get everything done during the day and therefore, worrying about what temperature the thermostat is set at is not something at the top of our list of to do’s.  However, not monitoring the temperature that this device is set at could be costing your extra every month on your energy bills!

The Convenience of a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat could take this concern off of your plate completely because it is able to remember to adjust the temperature for you! During times when you need less heating or cooling, a programmable thermostat can be set to more energy-saving settings. For example, when your home is empty during the day, the temperature doesn’t need to be set so high. Program the thermostat to set it back at least a few degrees and then program it to warm the house up about an hour before you get back home. Every degree makes a difference, and this can save the average household 10 percent on yearly energy costs.

Everyone Can Save!

Many homeowners think that they can’t benefit from a programmable thermostat just because there is usually always someone home. They couldn’t be more wrong. During the hours that we sleep and during the peek hours of warmth during the day, you can still turn back the temperature. At night you can pile on an extra blanket and set the thermostat back. If there is only one person home during the day, they can throw on an extra sweater when they are moving around or use a blanket as they cuddle up on the couch. Either way, you can still set the thermostat back a couple degrees for several hours of the day. The longer you can set it back the better, but any difference will help you save money this winter, and all year round.


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