Be Careful Signing Contracts!

No homeowner can avoid using professional services in their home at some point. No matter how much of a “do it yourselfer” you may be, there are just some repairs and projects that need expertly skilled, and warranted, hands to complete. These are usually the bigger projects like roof replacement, furnace or air conditioner installation, and remodeling projects. Depending on the situation, you may not think that you have the time to search around for multiple estimates before signing a contract. In an emergency, it is easy to simply sign off on the offer given by the first contractor in site. This is could result in huge losses for your home and for your wallet. So, take this warning to hear, “Be careful signing contracts!”

Deceptive Contracts and the Fine Print

Any contractor that attempts to pressure you into signing a contract on the spot is already telling you that they may be hiding something. They don’t want you to have the chance to look too close at what you are signing because if you did, you may have a few problems with what you find. These types of contractors tend to hide promises within their contracts that they never directly tell you about upfront. Things like requiring payment in full upfront, warranty loopholes, and liability responsibilities. These tricks could leave you with more responsibilities that you bargained for, and leave you owing the contractor more money than you expected.

Take Your Time to Sign!

Saying you didn’t read the contract is not a defense when things go awry during the project. You could take the contractor to court all you want but you will have a hard time proving that you are not responsible for the things you promised when you signed that contract. Instead, don’t sign anything until you have read it completely! Take your time with the contract and don’t sign it unless you understand what is being said within it. If you have a friend that could offer some advice, like a lawyer or someone in the same business, have them look the contract over so you can know for sure that you are not signing up for something different than you were promised by the contractor. If you ever feel that there is something suspicious going on, get out! Don’t use that contractor and find someone else to do the job. No home repair job is so urgent that you should risk your hard earned money by jumping the gun when choosing a contractor. Take it slow and you will get what you are looking for.

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