Boost Air Circulation this Winter

Do you want to keep your home more evenly heated? Well, it’s easy! Simply run the furnace fan around the clock. In the summer we turn on a ceiling fan to circulate air in a room. When you turn your furnace fan on it does the same thing but for the entire home, and in a more subtle way. You won’t feel a breeze or a draft because the fan is circulating air. Instead, this fan helps even out the temperature from room to room and floor to floor. The heat will still turn on and off as needed but the fan will run continuously. When you do this in your home, you’ll find the house is much more evenly heated during even the coldest of winter days. As you circulate the air on a day like Thanksgiving all the heat and humidity created from cooking is circulated evenly through the house. This helps to eliminate cold spots and increase comfort.

Handling Humidity

Another benefit of running your furnace fan is increased humidity in the home. The winter months can suck all of the moisture out of the air in your home. Your skin and respiratory system will become parched and as a result, many homeowners invest in humidification systems. However, these units only circulate moisture when the furnace fan is running. Therefore, if the furnace fan is running around the clock, more moisture will be infused into the air of the home.

Improved Air Quality

Finally, as you circulate the air, you also clean it as it passes through the furnace’s air filter. This will provide additional relief for those who suffer with allergies and other respiratory problems and help improve your overall indoor air quality. If running your furnace’s fan around the clock sounds like something you may want to implement in your home, first consider having the unit serviced and cleaned for the year. The blower will be used much more than it is accustomed too and you need to keep it in tip top shape if you want it to last. Do this, and get started enjoying the many benefits that come from getting the most out of your furnace’s blower motor.


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