Furnace Maintenance, Prevention, and Repair Advice

Understanding the diagnosis on your furnace is not only important for the homeowner but it also can at times help to prevent problems from happening again.  If the technician finds a problem with your furnace make sure you understand the diagnosis.  If you do not, it is important that you ask the technician to explain it to you.  You can also ask the HVAC technician to show you the problem to help better understand the situation.  Don’t wait for the technician to leave before you call in to ask.  Having the technician still at your home is the best and most simple way to ensure that the problem will be addressed correctly.

Simple Problems You can Handle

Simple problems such as dirty filters, changing your batteries on your thermostat and setting your thermostat correctly are typical problems that the homeowner can handle on their own without having to call the technician out again in the future should the problem arise once more. However, the technician must take the time to walk the homeowner through each step until they can perform the job on their own. These are standard maintenance repairs that the homeowner should be conducting on their own and they should not need a technician to come out every time they need attention.

Big Problems for the Pros

The big problems do need the aid of a professional serviceman. You should never mess around inside the furnace if you have no experience working with these units. It could be dangerous and detrimental to the function of your system. However, even the big repairs can be prevented. Ask your serviceman to show you the necessary steps to prevent the big repairs from happening every few years. He or she should have at least a few tips that you can put into action in order to keep your unit working for years to come.



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