Taking Care of Your Hot Water Heater

Who doesn’t love a hot shower in the morning on a cold winter day? Unfortunately there usually comes a day when a hot shower is impossible because the hot water tank decided to take a break. The water heater is usually hidden down in a basement, and it is easy to assume that the water heater will just run forever. However, the truth is, like many other devices in our homes, we need to maintain this piece of equipment by having it cleaned on a regular basis.

Maintaining Your Hot Water Tank

The water heater has a burner similar to your furnace, and like your furnace, the area surrounding the burner needs to be kept clean. We recommend having your hot water heater cleaned once a year when you have the maintenance done on your furnace. By keeping the equipment clean you use less energy, have fewer inconvenient breakdowns and extend the life of the equipment. In short, if you take good care of the water heater, it will in turn take good care of you.


2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Your Hot Water Heater

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