Winter Air Conditioner Protection

This may be the season for giving, but it is also the season for stealing, stealing air conditioners that is. You may have thought that your air conditioner worries ended with the summer season, but the truth is that the winter is the best time for thieves to take advantage of the easy access they have to your air conditioner. Everyone is spending their time indoors and there are far fewer eyes on your air conditioner this time of year. You need to take certain steps to keep your unit safe. This is a crime that is growing in popularity and if you did nothing to prevent it this past summer, you were one of the lucky ones. Don’t let another season go by without getting your air conditioner protected.

Send a Message to Potential Thieves

Protecting the air conditioner requires doing something that sends a clear message to potential thieves. The message should be that they need to move on to another home and leave your unit alone!  There are two ways to do this. Either move the air conditioner to the roof or encase it in a security cage. The first option could cost you tons and is likely not possible in all situations. So, for the majority of us, a security cage is the way to go.

Security Cage Criteria

If you are looking into a security cage for your air conditioner, you have to make sure that you purchase one that meets certain criteria. First of all, the cage must fit your air conditioner! Not all air conditioners are the same size and you will need to find a company that offers customized cages. Also, make sure that the cage allows the air conditioner to breathe! If your cage is too restrictive, it could cause damage to your air conditioner and if this happens, you might as well let the thieves take it because the unit will be useless. Finally, make sure that the cage actually protects the unit. There are far too many cage manufacturers that create a product to simply intimidate and not protect. This will not work on all thieves and is quick frankly a waste of your money. Find a cage that will truly protect your air conditioner, and get it installed as soon as possible.


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