Added Benefits of Variable Speed Furnaces

Are you in the market for a new furnace? If so, you will quickly find that there are a number of choices and options to choose from when finding the perfect unit for your home. When you have to keep a budget in mind, there are some options you may be tempted to go without, however, there are some that shouldn’t be left behind. Choosing a furnace that has a variable speed motor is one such option that should not be overlooked. These units may be slightly pricier, but they will often save you more down the line.

AFUE Ratings Aren’t Enough

Most HVAC salesmen will push AFUE ratings as the selling point of any furnace. Sure AFUE is important, but it doesn’t take into account the amount of electricity the furnace will use as well. AFUE ratings are simply a measurement of natural gas use efficiency, but when you consider that electricity is more expensive than gas in most areas of the country, it is important to consider this cost as well.

Electricity Savings with Variable Speeds

The blower motor is the part of the furnace that circulates air throughout the home. It is also the one part of the furnace that uses the most electricity, and if you run the fan around the clock, you should want a fan that uses the least amount of electricity possible. Variable speed motors are that fan! Where the standard motor has one speed, a variable speed motor can adjust itself to the demands of the weather. When the temperatures plummet and it becomes more difficult to heat the home, the furnace will run at high speed, but on milder days, the furnace can run at lower speeds and still maintain temperature. Ask your salesmen about variable speeds and choose a furnace that is equipped with this energy saving and comfort improving feature.


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