Increase Comfort Control with a Zoning System

Having a working furnace and thermostat doesn’t mean that you have control over the comfort level in the home. These are the most basic components of a heating system, but just because the thermostat says its 72 degrees in the home, doesn’t mean that the entire home is actually at that temperature. All your thermostat does is read the temperature in the room that it is located in and that is it. That is why other rooms in the home may feel cooler or warmer than the temperature that the thermostat claims it to be. High ceilings and lots of windows, among other things, can contribute to temperature variances from room to room. Before you raise the temperature on the thermostat to compensate for that one chilly room, consider whether or not your home could benefit from a zoning system.

What a Zoning System can Do for Your Home

When a zoning system is installed in your home, you now have multiple thermostats that control different parts of the home. The one furnace still operates as normal, but the duct system is now full of dampers that will regulate the amount of air allowed into a particular part of the home. This will each area of the home is warmed to the temperature set on the thermostat. Rooms that aren’t used very frequently can be set at very low temperatures, and areas of the home that need more heat can be warmed without having to use more energy. This conserves energy because you only heat the rooms that need it, and therefore the furnace can run less frequently.

Ultimate Comfort Control

In time you will notice substantial savings on your energy bills but more importantly you will notice increased comfort throughout the home. Every family member can adjust their part of the home to their desired temperature and be comfortable without disturbing the comfort of others within the home. This is the perfect system for any homeowner that is looking to save money and increase comfort. HVAC companies can install these systems easily within one visit, so find your local contractor today and get more control on your home comfort.


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