Energy Saving Made Simple

With the rising cost of energy, it is very important and practical to conserve electricity as much as possible. Conserving energy not only helps us lower our electric bills, but it also helps in protecting our natural resources. There are a lot of ways to conserve energy, but you have to choose the ways that are easiest and best for your family and your home. Most of them are simple. So simple that even your kids can participate in making your home greener this winter season. Here are some of them the easy ways you can start saving.

Five Ways to Conserve Energy:

1. Turn off the lights when leaving a room. Electrical lights consume a large amount of energy. This is especially true if you are using incandescent lights because these lights are extremely energy inefficient. Make it a habit to turn the lights off and see how much you could save on your electricity bills.

2. Unplug your appliances when you’re not using them. Appliances that are plugged still consume energy even if they are turned off. So, to avoid this from happening, unplug everything that is not in use.

3. Avoid opening your refrigerator if you’re not getting anything out of it. Many people like to gaze into the refrigerator without any clear goal in mind and it is a huge waste of energy! The longer the refrigerator stands open, the more energy is lost, and the more it will cost for the unit to re-cool once you finally find what you are looking for. Have a goal in mind when you open the fridge and get your family to break this habit too!

4. Turn down the water heater! Set the water heater back to 120 degrees, only wash dishes and clothes with cold water, and try only using the warm water for showers. This will save loads of energy

5. Install solar panels in your home. Solar panels utilize energy from the sun and convert it to electricity that could be utilized by your appliances and other electronic gadgets. It could cost you a lot to set up one in your house but it will help you save a lot of money from your electric bills in the long run. This may sound intimidating but it is a good goal to set for the future.

These are only some ways on how to conserve electricity. These tips can help you reduce your electricity bills by around 10-40% or maybe even more! Not bad right? So what are you waiting for? Start conserving electricity today.



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