Protecting Your Children from Hot Water Burns

Ensuring the safety of your children is not an easy task. When they are small children every inch of their bodies is susceptible to harm, but there are steps you can take to protect them from some of the worst dangers in the home. One of these dangers involves the temperature of the water in the home. Children can become easily scalded by water that may not even feel intolerably hot to the skin of an adult. That is why every parent must take certain steps to protect their children from this type of injury, and it all starts with a good look at your hot water tank.

Set the Tank Back

The first step is to turn the water tank back to 120 degrees. This is the lowest temperature where you can still get hot enough water when needed without allowing the tank to grow bacteria. Many homes have the tank set at high as 150 degrees. At this temperature an adult’s skin can burn in 2 to 3 seconds. Place a child in that water and it could cause serious damage instantly. Every degree you set the tank back is a degree safer for the members of your family, but as an added bonus, every 10 degree difference will translate into a 4% savings on the water heating portion of your energy bills!

Anti-Scald Devices

For those of us that don’t have access to the thermostat on the hot water tank, you could install anti-scald devises. These will prevent the water in the home from getting over 120 degrees no matter how hot the dial is set. Every homeowner that has young children in the home needs to take this precaution against injury. The results of a scald can leave the child’s skin permanently damaged.

If you are unsure of the security of the hot water in your home, contact a professional to do an assessment of areas of the home that may be at risk. Also have him lower the hot water tank temperature if you are not sure how to do this on your own. This inspection will give you real peace of mind every time your child gets into a bath or washes their hands.



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