Three Very Good Reasons to Replace Your Old Boiler

Boilers have been known to last much longer than the average furnace, but this isn’t necessarily something to take pride in. Sure, it is great to get the most out of your investment, but when the unit is going on 30 or 40 years of age, you may be pushing your luck. You could be heading for a very inconvenient breakdown or even a home disaster. At the very least you are probably overspending by hundreds every year on your energy bills just to operate that ancient artifact! Now may be the time to replace that boiler on your terms instead of waiting for the worst!

Plan Your Boiler Replacement Now!

  • Energy Inefficiency: Modern boilers are required to be over 80% energy efficient with the fuel that they use. This has been a somewhat recent requirement, and your old boiler probably has no hope of every reaching this level of efficiency even with the best maintenance. Older units are usually somewhere around 50-60 % efficient with the fuel they use and that is a huge waste. Think of the money you could save by simply upgrading to the new minimum! The higher the rating the bigger the savings and the faster you earn your money back!
  • Safety Concerns: The older the boiler gets the greater the likelihood that the unit will experience a disastrous malfunction. With age, the most common problem occurs with the heat exchanger. The part becomes cracked and rusted and will begin to leak the poisonous gas carbon monoxide into the home if you are not careful.
  • Inevitable Breakdowns: The longer you wait to replace the boiler, the greater the likely the boiler will choose when for you. This may sound like the way to go initially, but consider this. It is the dead of winter and its 2 am. The boiler goes out permanently! You are now faced with the decision to either move into a hotel until you can afford the replacement or somehow finding the way to cough up the funds right on the spot unexpectedly. If you can’t afford the replacement right now, start saving and cross your finger that the boiler will be able to last until you can replace it on your terms.

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