Green HVAC Made Affordable

When going green first became popular, everything that was made to be more energy efficient also cost the consumer more money. Much of the technology was new and not many people were taking advantage of the long term savings that could be had with an energy efficient upgrade. As time has passed, however, going green has become the standard. Nearly every homeowner is doing something to make their home more energy efficient and as a result, going green has become more affordable for those of us that operate on a tight budget. Now you don’t have to invest as much initially to save more in the long run, and the best part is that this fact now applies to the purchase of HVAC systems as well!

High Efficiency on a Budget

Many HVAC manufacturers like Lennox Home Comfort Systems have created furnaces that can reach impressive energy efficiency levels while still fitting into a budget. The Lennox G43 is one such system. This unit falls under the lowest price level for heating systems from Lennox, yet it still carries an AFUE rating of 92.1%. This unit is also Energy Star rated and can save you hundreds every year on your natural gas bills. The unit may not have every fancy technology that the high end units have, but when it comes to going green, the amount of fuel that the unit consumes is what is truly most important.

You Can Go Green Too!

You can go green too! Saving money on your energy bills is no longer unattainable just because you spend on a budget. Contact your favorite HVAC contractor to find out if they have an affordable energy efficient system for you!


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