Go Green with this Winter’s Savings

Though the snow may be falling now, so far this winter has been very mild by comparison to years past. This has left many homeowners with much fuller pockets than usual and that money needs to be put to good use. That means that we need to find good investments to ensure that this money is well spent. Investing this money in your home is a great place to start and spending it in improving the homes energy efficiency is even better! Going green has many benefits for the environment and for your wallet. Take a moment to look at your last energy bill. Odds are the cost was much lower than you were paying at the same time last year. How would you like to pay that much on your energy bills every year! Making energy efficient upgrade could make that possible!

3 Wise Energy Efficient Investments:

  • HVAC Replacement: Replacing the furnace and air conditioner could be your best bet at this time. Air conditioners are out of season and therefore at amazingly low prices, and if your furnace and air conditioner are in bad shape, replacing them could be all that your home needs to make low energy bills a common occurrence in your home.
  • Adding Insulation: For other homes, the furnace and air conditioner are in great shape but the home is lacking in insulation. Older homes were not made as air tight as newer models and therefore lose a lot of heat during the winter months and gain a lot of heat during the summer. A few inches of insulation in the attics and walls could be just what your home needs to increase its energy efficiency.
  • New Windows and Doors: Leaky doors and windows are just as bad as a home that is lacking in insulation. However, investing in new windows and doors can become costly. If this is a repair that you desperately need in your home, why not have it completed while you have a little extra money to spend? Now is the time to buy, so don’t pass up this opportunity.

Mild winters give us all a break from the discomfort caused by the frigid temperatures. Give your home and your energy bills a permanent break from the harshness of winter and make energy efficient improvements today!

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