Hot Water Tank Maintenance Tips

When was the last time you had your hot water tank cleaned?  Do you hear a popping noise?  Do you seem to run out of hot water faster than before?  Does your water seem to not be as hot?  These can all be symptoms of a hot water tank in need of a cleaning.  It is also possible that your hot water tank needs to be flushed.  Hot water tanks are usually very durable and have a long life expectancy.  However, just like your furnace, your hot water tank needs to be maintained.  So when you are calling in to have your furnace cleaned also ask about having your hot water tank cleaned as well.  Spending a little money now, can save you a large repair or replacement bill.  Don’t wait until you have a problem or a leak.

Steps to Maintenance:

  • Turn Tank Off
  • Replace Anode– The anode protects the tank from corrosion and it should be changed every 4 to 7 years
  • Check for Leaks– Leaks at the bottom of the tank typically mean that the tank has corroded through and needs to be replaced. Other leaks may be solved by tightening valves or having a pro take a look.
  • Drain Water Heater– Over the years, sediment builds up inside the water tank and can obscure the burners. This is what could be causing your insufficient heat problems and it can be solved by a simple draining once a year.
  • Refill
  • Check Temperature– The temperature level of the hot water tank can either save or waste your money. Try setting the temperature back to 120 degrees. Odds are you won’t notice the difference.

Remember the Pros

These steps will help you protect your tank for the coming years and increase your energy efficiency. If at any time you feel that you need help or don’t feel comfortable messing with this appliance, call in a professional. They have the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done yet and get things back up and running when something goes wrong.



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