Changing Your Filter and Identifying Problems

Many people have questions about changing their furnace’s filter, and when searching for an answer you will find a lot of mixed information out there. There are no clean cut answers that can be applied to every home and everyone must assess their own situation in order to determine what is best for their heating and cooling systems.  You will hear many people give the blanket answer, “Change your filter every 30 days,” but filter manufacturers have no way of knowing where your unit is installed, the age of the furnace or the condition of your duct work.  Therefore, we recommend following these simple steps in order to determine what is best for your particular situation:

  • Check the filter at least every 30 days even if your filter manufacturer states your filter can be last longer.  Depending on the state of the air quality in your home you may not be able to get much more than 30 days of safe use per filter. Keeping a dirty filter in the system can cause air flow and air quality problems that can have serious consequences for the condition of your furnace. If the filter can last longer and it is still clean at 30 days, you can keep it in, but don’t forget to keep checking it every 30 days!
  • If your filter should last longer than 30 days but it comes up filthy, check into why it is not lasting to the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Is your furnace in a closet or laundry room?  Is your duct work dirty and in need of a cleaning? If you are not sure why your filters are getting so dirty, you need to call in a pro for a full system assessment to get to the bottom of your air quality problem right away.
  • Make sure your filter is being put in correctly.  The arrow on the filter should always face the furnace.

The Most Basic Maintenance

Following these simple steps will not only increase the life of your furnace and air conditioner but will save you on repairs as well. Changing the filter is the least you can do to maintain your HVAC system and if you haven’t been keeping track of your furnace’s filter, now is the time to get back on track.



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