Keep the Air Moving

A lack of air circulating within the home may be the source of your air quality and comfort problems. Newer homes were especially built to be more air tight than those built many years ago, and this air tight design could be the reason why your air quality is suffering. By improving the circulation in your home you improve the air quality and comfort. That’s a big statement but true. All you need to do is continue to circulate the air, and make sure all supply air vents and return registers are clear of obstructions.

Get Obstructions Out of the Way!

Many of us have tables or draperies or other common house hold items in front of our registers. This of course impedes the furnaces ability to circulate the air properly. Many people also completely close registers or cover them over with additional filtering devices both of which slow down air flow. Let your system run in the way it was designed by removing those obstacles and see the benefits of constant air movement. The air is cleaner, and the furnace distributes temperature and humidity more evenly. As a result you improve the comfort level in your home along with the cleanliness of the air you and your family breathe.


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