Control Your Energy Costs this Summer

Although this past winter offered Chicagoans a break from the hefty costs of heating a home, there is no guarantee that this summer will do the same. In fact, we can all expect our wallets to become a little lighter at the gas pump because even if home energy costs stay low, gas prices are already expected to soar! Unless you want to sit out in the heat without your air conditioner, now is the time to start beefing up the energy efficiency of your home. Here are two low cost ways you can save big bucks on your cooling bills this summer.

Low Cost Improvements that Lead to Big Savings

  • Seal Your Duct Work: Leaking ducts lose much of the heating and cooling they are trying to pass around the home before it ever reaches its target room. Seal these leaks and your will not only experience increased comfort, but you will also find that your air conditioner uses less energy to keep you cool.
  • Clean Your Air Conditioner: A dirty air conditioner is another source of energy efficiency loss within the home. During the early parts of the summer season, many HVAC contractors offer big discounts to those that get their air conditioner cleaned early on. Take advantage of these discounts and boost your air conditioners efficiency at a very affordable cost.

Any improvement you make to the energy efficiency of your home will put money back in your pocket every month. You may not be able to control the gas prices, but you can control how much energy your home wastes by making green home improvements as soon as possible!


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