Duct Cleaners Cutting Corners

What is a duct cleaning? Many people may think that they know the easy answer to this question, but do you really know what a duct cleaning looks like or what it should consist of? There are far too many companies out there that are giving consumers the wrong impression of this service, and as a result, many homeowners are starting to think that a duct cleaning just isn’t worth their time or their hard earned money. However, if you knew what this service was supposed to look like, you would see the value in it.

Lacking the Tools and the Know How!

Many illegitimate duct cleaning companies don’t have the necessary tools or skill to clean the duct work properly. They may look the part but in the end they leave you with dirty ducts and a much lighter wallet. They trick their way into your home by offering attractively low pricing. They hook up a collection device to the ducts and basically spend the next couple hours up selling you on additional services.

Suction is not the only tool needed to get the ducts clean! The majority of the particles will be caked onto the inside of the duct and the only way to collect them is to first scrape them off the surface. If your duct cleaner isn’t diligently working inside your duct system’s registers for 4 to 5 hours, you may be in the presence of a scam artist instead of a true professional duct cleaner.

Research, Research, Research!

Do your research before you trust any duct cleaner in your home. Many of the scam artists out there may look legitimate, but one search with the Better Business Bureau may tell a different story. Don’t let a few scam artists stop you from having clean healthy air in your home.

3 thoughts on “Duct Cleaners Cutting Corners

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