Reducing the Cooling Load Reduces Noise

Although it may only be March, summer temperatures have arrived and the hum of air conditioner condensers can be heard on nearly every residential street. Some are louder than others, but as the temperatures continue to soar, things are only going to get noisier for some homeowners.  The warmer the weather is, the harder the air conditioner has to work in order to keep the home cool. Unless you have other barriers in place, your air conditioner can suffer and so will your energy bills.

Insulating to Reduce the Cooling Load

The cooling load on your air conditioner will affect its ability to operate not only quietly but also efficiently. Reduce the cooling load and you will reduce the noise and save money! Insulating is an easy way to reduce your home’s cooling load and there are two areas in the home that can benefit greatly from this affordable service:

  • Attic Insulation: Adding insulation to the attic is the first step towards reducing your air conditioner’s cooling load. I fresh thick layer of attic insulation will help your home retain more cold air within the home this summer. This will increase your comfort and reduce the number of cycles your air conditioner will have to make on even the hottest days.
  • Duct Work Insulation: In order to increase the amount of cold air that is pumped into each room, insulate the ducts work within the home. This will prevent cold air from being lost on its way into the target rooms of your home.

Both of these services can be performed at a relatively low cost, or you could take a weekend and do it yourself! Either way, boosting the amount of insulation within the home is a wise investment in your comfort and energy savings.


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