Making the Right Choices When Installing an Air Conditioner

Most people would assume that installing an air conditioner is simply a matter of picking the one you want and hooking it up to the home. In reality, the process is much more complicated, and choosing the wrong air conditioner for your home or not having it professionally installed could be a costly mistake. Take the time to do your research not only on air conditioners but also on potential contractors you may choose to trust with the installation of your new unit.

Your Salesman and Installers

The salesman that comes to your home must do more than simply match the new unit to the size of the old system. He should take the time to get to know your needs and asses the home’s cooling load before making any recommendations. The installation crew that eventually puts in the new air conditioner must also have the experience and skills to properly level and install the unit. Here are some of the areas you should ask either your salesman or installers about before they ever leave your home:

  • Sizing: Find out what techniques your technician is using to determine what size your new air conditioner should be. If he isn’t considering heat gains, heat loses, and cooling load of the home, you may end up with a unit that is too big or too small for your needs. This will drastically impact energy efficiency and reliability of the system in the long run.
  • Duct Sealing: Your salesman should also assess the duct work in your home. Leaky ducts will impede the function of your new air conditioner, and the ducts need to be sealed properly before the installation can be called complete.
  • Air Flow: Air flow should also be considered. Inadequate air flow or too much air flow will affect your air conditioners ability to cool the air that passes through the system. You will never achieve peek efficiency without proper airflow, so make sure to ask your salesman how he plans to assess this important factor.
  • Refrigerant Levels: Once the air conditioner has been installed, have your installers verify that the system has been charged properly with the correct amount of refrigerant.

Keep these tips in mind when purchasing and installing your next air conditioner, and you will be sure to get the most out of your investment.


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