R-22 Prices Skyrockets as Summer Approaches

With summer on its way, take a moment to consider the type of refrigerant your air conditioner uses to remove heat from the air in your home. Unless you are very involved in the care of your air conditioner, odds are you have no idea which type your air conditioner uses. However, if you haven’t replaced the air conditioner recently, odds are your system uses R-22. If this is indeed the case, it just got a lot more expensive to repair leaks that may occur within your unit, and unfortunately, leaks are among the most common air conditioner problems. Now may be the time to rethink investing any more money into this outdated system.

Phasing Our R-22

We have been in the midst of an R-22 phase out over the past several years. This type of refrigerant is harmful to our environment and with it leaking out of systems all across America, a change had to be made. We now use R-410a refrigerant in newer air conditioning systems, and this refrigerant is not harmful if released into the atmosphere. As R-22 is phased out, it will continue to become scarcer and therefore more expensive.

Upgrade to R-410a

Up until this season, R-22 had remained the cheaper refrigerant. However, due to the growing popularity of R-410a systems and the decreasing supply of R-22, the price of R-22 has doubled what it was last year. This means hefty repair bills for those that try to do a leak repair and fill on an old R-22 system. You would be better off investing your money in the new technology because chances are that R-22 system isn’t going to be around for much longer. Just because you fixed one leak doesn’t mean there won’t be another, and once an air conditioner starts leaking, it’s a sign that its time for replacement. Put your money to the best use and invest in an R-410a system today!


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