Window Air Conditioner Leaks and Condensation

If you rely upon a window or through the wall air conditioner to cool the rooms in your home, you have probably noticed how water leaking out the back of the system, especially on particularly humid days, is a normal part of the systems function. However, you may have also found water in places other than the back of the system and may have wondered if this was normal as well. No, it is not normal, and odds are you have a problem that needs to be addressed before real damage is done to the system or your home.

Coming Leaks and Condensation Problems:

  • Water Coming Out the Front of the Unit: If the unit is cooling normally but water is coming out the front of the system, odds are the unit was not installed properly. For those of us that install and uninstall the unit with the change of seasons, making sure that the system is on a slight backwards slant is a must. Water will drain into the home instead of out if the slant is tipped forwards instead of back.
  • Ice Build-Up: Ice buildup of any kind on an air conditioning system needs to be inspected professionally. Many different cooling problems can cause freezing and refrigerant or coil problems demand professional attention.
  • Condensation on the Front of the Unit: Is there a tight seal around the air conditioner? If not, warm air from the outdoors can creep indoors and mix with the icy cold air that is coming out of your air conditioner. This mixture will cause the moisture in the hot air to condense and leave condensation on the air conditioner or the window frame. These air leaks need to be sealed because they are severely impacting the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.
  • Water Pooling or No Water Draining: The air conditioner has specific drain lines that help direct water away from the vital components inside the air conditioner. These lines can become clogged and water will first begin to pool within the system and then overflow into the home or flow in excess out the back of the system. These lines typically require professional help in order to be cleared properly and safely.

Ignoring leaks and excessive condensation can shorten the life of your air conditioner and jack up the cost of your energy bills. Act fast to repair these problems and call a professional when the job calls for their skilled help.


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