Get Ready for the Cooling Season

Summer is only weeks away and yet many homeowners have not made any preparations for the upcoming season. Before you know it the heat will have arrived, and you don’t want to be one of those homeowners that are scrambling at the last minute to get the air conditioner serviced or in some cases repaired. Now is the time to make a few adjustments to your HVAC system in order to get ready for the season, and here is a simple checklist you can follow to make sure you have everything in order for summer:

  • Replace the Filter: The air filter for your air conditioner should be replaced regularly throughout the season. Start the season off right and replace this filter now to maintain indoor air quality and provide adequate airflow for the cooling system.
  • Turn Off the Humidifier: The humidifier is designed to add moisture to the air in the home during the winter. The summer air is already humid, so any extra moisture added would be excessive. The air conditioner must remove this moisture from the air in order to achieve home comfort, so the humidifier must be shut down in order to make it easier for the air conditioner to cool the home.
  • Change the Thermostat Batteries: Most thermostats operate on battery power, and these batteries need to be changed every 6 months in order to ensure proper operation of the HVAC system. Make sure your thermostat can control your cooling system this summer and replace the batteries before the heat arrives.
  •  Take Off the Air Conditioner Cover: Many homeowners will start up the air conditioner without remembering to remove the air conditioner cover first! The cover is not designed for year round use, and could actually restrict airflow to the air conditioner is you try to run the unit with the cover still on
  •  Adjust the Ceiling Fan Setting: During the winter, many homeowners run the ceiling fans in the clockwise direction in order to push warm air from the ceiling back down into the room. During the summer season, you need to run the fan in the counterclockwise direction in order to feel a cool breeze. Adjust your fan settings today to feel the most comfort possible this summer.
  • Maintain the Air Conditioner: Every air conditioner needs to be cleaned and maintained by a professional on a yearly basis. These maintenance services will help your air conditioner stand the test of time while operating reliably and efficiently each and every summer.

Don’t Wait, Clean Your Air Conditioner Today!

Now is the perfect time to have your favorite HVAC contractor clean and maintain your air conditioning system. We are still in between seasons, but in a few short weeks the real heat of summer will arrive! Don’t get caught with a broken air conditioner during the busiest part of the season and get your air conditioner cleaned now!


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