A Couple Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

Record breaking temperatures are nothing new for Chicagoland, yet thousands of homeowners find themselves with a broken air conditioner on the first hot day of the summer season. They put off having the unit cleaned and inspected during the spring, and now they need emergency repair services. Odds are these homeowners have the system back in working order by now, but are they still making the air conditioner work much harder than necessary to cool the home? Many of us make common mistakes when it comes to keeping the home cool, but here are a couple tips you can apply in your home to bring down the temperature along with your cooling costs.

  1. Start-Up the Air Conditioner in the Morning:

Some homeowners only run the air conditioner during the warmest part of the day, the afternoon. Once the sun sets and the temperatures drop, they turn off the unit and don’t turn it back on until the home gets uncomfortably warm the next day. They do this to conserve energy, but they could be wasting way more than they are saving. Turn the air conditioner on when the home is already hot and humid makes it very hard for the air conditioner to catch up and get to the set temperature on the thermostat.

For many the air conditioner will never catch up and it will run incessantly all afternoon. Make it easier for your air conditioner and start up the system during the morning hours. The unit will be able to remove any excess humidity and heat from the home before the heat of the day arrives. It will stay on top of the temperature and be able to cycle for much shorter periods of time.

  1. Close the Blinds and Drapes:

The sun is out and you want to enjoy its light, but leaving the blinds and drapes open could be adding a lot of extra heat to the home. All of the extra heat that pours in through the windows will have to be removed by the air conditioner. Simply closing the blinds and drapes during the day will prevent this extra heat from taking a toll on your air conditioner and consequently your cooling costs as well.

These simple steps will help keep your home comfortable on even the hottest days. The air conditioner will have an easier time doing its job, and the energy savings are worth the extra effort.


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