Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Programmable Thermostat?

Are you getting the savings you expected from your programmable thermostat? If not, you are not alone. Most homeowners invest extra money in a programmable thermostat but then fail to use it properly. Half of the problem is a lack of education on the part of the contractor that installed the thermostat and the other problem is the design of the unit. They are not designed for ease of use and any homeowner that has a busy day to day life is not going to have the time to fiddle around with the program every time they have a schedule change. What we really needed was an easy to use thermostat that could be adjusted from anywhere and Lennox Home Comfort Systems delivered.

Easy and Innovative Temperature Control

The new and improved icomfort™ programmable thermostat is now Wi-Fi enabled! This feature expands the capabilities of this impressive thermostat making this a programmable thermostat that you can actually benefit from having installed in your home.  There are some of the features included in this high-tech yet easy to use thermostat:

  • Touchscreen: Touchscreen control eliminates the button guesswork associated with other programmable thermostats. Everything is clearly labeled and easy to navigate and most settings can be made of changed with just one of two touches of the control pad.
  • Remote Control: How many times have you left the house and forgot to turn down the thermostat? Odds are this has happened to you many times and the result is wasted money spent heating or cooling a home that is unoccupied for a large portion of the day. This thermostat can be controlled from anywhere thanks it the Wi-Fi capabilities and the icomfort Cloud control site. This allows the homeowner access their thermostat from any internet enabled device. This makes it easy and convenient to save money when you are away from home!
  • Weather Information: This thermostat doesn’t just tell you the temperature that you have set and the actual temperature indoors, it also gives you up to date information about the weather outdoors!
  • Alerts and Reminders: Every find yourself half way through the summer season before you remember to have your yearly clean and check performed? If so, you are not alone, but this thermostat will remind you! This thermostat can also alert you to problems within the system and even deliver troubleshooting information right to the thermostat for your convenience.
  • Multi-System Compatible: This thermostat not only works great to coordinate Lennox home comfort systems, but it is also compatible with other makes and models. You can even set it to control your humidifier and air purification systems as well!

An Upgrade Worth Making!

So, if your old programmable thermostat isn’t doing much more for your system’s energy efficiency than the old non-programmable unit you had before, now is the time to upgrade! This impressive thermostat is an affordable and smart investment that truly makes managing your home comfort and energy efficiency a breeze!


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