Blower Motor Breakdown

The blower motor is one of the most important parts within your HVAC system. It works all year round with both the furnace and the air conditioner, and when there is something wrong with your blower it will either make a lot of noise or no noise at all. Without a functional blower motor, you will never feel the heating or cooling being produced by the furnace or air conditioner because the blower motor’s job is to circulate air across the heat exchange or the cooling coils and then deliver it to the home. When the blower motor is broken, homeowners will usually call with one of these two complaints:

  • It Sounds like there is a Helicopter Landing in My House: The blower motor is encased in a cage and unless the motor is properly balanced within the cage, it will make a lot of extra noise. The noise made by an unbalanced blower is caused by the blades knocking into the sides of the housing, and when this happens, the entire motor, blower, and housing will probably have to be replaced.
  • Everything is Working but No Air is Circulating: If the air conditioner or furnace is turning on but no air is circulating, the blower motor may be the source of the problem. Electrical burnouts or simple failure from old age can cause your blower to stop working. Unless the problem is just a loose wire, you are going to have to replace the blower.

Diagnostic Assessment and Blower Replacement

If you suspect that your blower motor may be the source of your heating and cooling problems, call a professional for a diagnostic assessment and replacement. Attempting to replace the blower on your own could land you with 2 broken motors and a furnace or air conditioner that still doesn’t work properly. This is defiantly one of those repairs that should be left to the professionals so call your favorite HVAC contractor for service.

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