Duct-Less Air Conditioning and Heating

Recently, a friend asked me to help him find a way to air condition his new TV room in the attic of his home. He has an old Chicago house with a walk up attic, and he and his wife thought that the attic was the best place for the kids to watch TV and be out of their hair all in one shot. Unfortunately, their attic was never a conditioned space, and therefore did not have any duct work attaching it to the existing heating and cooling systems. We checked out all of the possibilities, and even considered snaking flexible duct work up to the attic. Despite our best efforts, we could not come up with any way that wouldn’t involve ripping out a wall or two.

An Affordable AC and Heating Solution

The only solution I could come up with was a ductless air conditioner. If you have never heard or seen one of these units, I’m not surprised. For some unknown reason these units don’t get much press, but they can be mounted in places conventional air conditioners can’t reach or that are uneconomical to retro fit with traditional duct work. These units are mainly used in homes that are undergoing remodeling or an addition. They are cost effective and much cheaper to install than thousands of dollars worth of duct work. These units even tend to be more energy efficient than the central air conditioners that dominate the market today. They can be used in a variety of situations and may be able to solve the heating and cooling conundrums in your home!

Next time you remodel or are looking for an affordable way to heat and cool difficult areas of the home consider a ductless heating and cooling system.


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