Keep Your Family Safe during a Flood

The severe flooding that hit the coast of Louisiana caused millions of dollars worth of damage and put the lives of residents in danger. You may not live in Louisiana and you may never have that much water inside your home, but flood waters at any height do pose a safety risk. If a severe rainstorm causes flooding in your home, you need to know how to properly protect your family from harm. These are four tips that every homeowner should keep in mind when the flood waters begin to rise:

  • Gas Leaks: Any appliance that uses gas for fuel and comes in contact with a flood can pose a risk to safety in the home. Once the water is gone, these units need to be cleaned and inspected before they are operated. If you ever smell gas in the home, quickly evacuate and call your local fire department. They can repair the leak safely and prevent a fire or explosion!
  • Electricity: Water and electricity are not a safe mixture. Stay out of the flood waters if the power is on to the home. Even if the power is out, exercise extreme caution and always wear rubber soled shoes when in contact with the water.
  • Bacteria: The water that floods your home could be full of disease causing bacteria especially if the water contains sewage. This is another great reason to stay out of the flood waters! Once the water is gone you will need to have the room cleaned by a professional water damage repair company in order to get rid of the mess left behind. Doing this yourself will involve hours of scrubbing.
  • Mold: The same company that comes to clean up after the flood should be able to prevent the growth of mold in the basement or crawlspace as well! The water created a great surface for mold that can flourish and irritate respiratory problems of people living in the home. Scrub hard surfaces with bleach and throw out any fabrics or papers that were exposed to mold. These cannot be cleaned properly and will pose a health risk if kept in the home.

Flood Safety First!

With these tips, you can effectively protect your family from harm during a flood. However, you can also take steps to prevent a flood from ever occurring by having your foundation waterproofed and a sump pump installed. Don’t take risks and put the safety of your family first!


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