Repetitive Part Replacement: Condenser Fan

Some air conditioning systems are plagued by the same problem year after year. No matter how many times the homeowner replaces a part, they only get one or two years of function out of it. The air conditioner could be a lemon, but there may be another issue causing the same damage to the part every season. Get to the source of the problem and you could put the problem to bed for good. Although we may be entering the winter season, problems you are having during the summer may be caused by damage that is done during the winter. The condenser motor and condenser fan are costly parts to replace, but many homeowners are replacing them every other season without ever finding and correcting the source of damage.

Air Conditioner Fan Function

As the refrigerant or Freon inside your air conditioner pulls heat from the air, the condenser fan and motor work to cool the refrigerant down so that it can continue to absorb more heat. If the refrigerant is not cooled down, the air conditioner will overheat and cease to work properly.

The Vulnerability of Your Fan Blades

The fan blades are vulnerable to damage if you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall. The wide blades of modern air conditioners make the perfect surface for snow and ice to collect. It may not seem that heavy, but snow can warp your air conditioner fan blades. Warped blades proceed to cause damage to the motor because they do not spin as effectively as before. The added stress on the motor leads to a decrease in energy efficiency and eventually part failure. The replacement cost is not cheap, and if you make the mistake on not protecting these parts once, you will never want to make that mistake again.

A Simple Solution

The solution is simple: COVER YOUR AIR CONDITIONER! An air conditioner will disperse the weight of snow and prevent it from placing pressure on the blades. However, you must make sure your air conditioner cover was specifically cut for your air conditioner make and model. An improper fit will not protect the unit and could cause other problems. So contact your HVAC manufacturer or contractor today to get your air conditioner cover before the first snowfall!


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