Negotiate for the best price

Something to always remember, there are some purchases in life that can be negotiated. When you buy a house, a car, or pretty much any other major purchase, it is common to get the salesman.  With salesmen often comes the opportunity to barter. I would suggest that buying a furnace or air conditioner should be the same way. Most salesmen expect or are at least prepared for some push back no matter their response.  They are there to find a way to get you to buy in a way that helps their company as well as themselves.

To give your self the best shot at success, do your homework. In this case, the more you know about purchasing an HVAC system, the better you will be able to negotiate the bottom line.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Start off by getting at least three estimates from three different heating and cooling companies in the area. During the estimates, note the differences between each company and what they are offering you as well as what might be different between the estimates.  To give yourself the best chance at success, get the salesmen to quote as similar of setups as possible.  This process is also helpful because you can use the information you gather to help separate the upstanding and reputable company and one that is just trying to get your money.

Ask tons of questions at each estimate, and ask them about rebates, discounts, and any other savings they can offer. Also ask your salesmen whether or not they will beat a competitor’s price. If you find one that does, make sure that the price they are offering you is for a similar system, and also compare warranties between the two companies. More likely than not the company that is offering to match or beat a competitors price will be the one you choose, but make sure you are taking all of these items into account before you make your final decision.

Be Careful Who You Choose

Choosing your contractor is just as important as choosing the right system for your home and saving money. Your contractor is going to be who you are pretty much forced to work with while the unit is under warranty. You don’t want to choose someone that seems difficult or that has a bad reputation around town. Find someone that comes highly recommended by the BBB and that will provide you with references to call for recommendations. You may also want to ask around the neighborhood and within your family and see what contractors other people have used. Benefit from their experience, don’t be afraid to negotiate, and find a unit that you are happy with.


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Working for one of the Nation HVAC providers in the Chicago land area.

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