Fall Furnace Preperations

As we begin to enjoy the early days of fall with our windows open and HVAC systems off, each of us would do well to remember to schedule our yearly furnace tune up as soon as possible. All of the major HVAC contractors are flooding our mailboxes with coupons advertizing special pricing to those few proactive homeowners that take advantage of the down season. Although some will listen, every year, without fail, there are thousands of homeowners that wait until there is snow on the ground to get the unit checked for the season. By waiting to the last minute, these homeowners create two big problems for themselves, and once you know what they are, you won’t be one to procrastinate on your furnace cleaning.

Your Furnace will Wait in Line

             Nobody really enjoys waiting in line, but if you put off scheduling your furnace tune up, that is exactly what you will do once you finally decide to call. All of those homeowners that were on top of their cleanings will have already been scheduled, and with the cold weather, there will also be emergency calls to compete with. You may end up having to schedule out your cleaning a few weeks, and you will have to start up the furnace and hope that it works properly until the technician arrives. If it doesn’t work properly, you could find yourself on the emergency call list for a repair that may not have been necessary had you called sooner.

Detecting Problems Early On

            Cleanings prevent breakdowns and they also help detect problems. If your unit is having a problem, wouldn’t you want to know about it before the temperature is below zero? We would guess that you do, and therefore this is just one more reason why you should not put off calling your local HVAC contractor for your furnace clean and check. Don’t wait another day and get your furnace on a list for a cleaning. The longer you wait the greater the chance you will run into problems this winter.


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