Historic Heat and Your Home Comfort

After the last blistering heat wave in 1995, you would have thought that homeowners across the Chicagoland area would have learned that keeping their home comfort in check should always be a top priority. Instead, thousands found themselves without a functional cooling system during some of the hottest days we have seen in years. Those that had the benefit of a functional cooling system weren’t without discomfort though. Many of these homeowners neglected other aspects of their home’s comfort security that made it excessively difficult for their air conditioners to keep up in this heat! Now that we are experiencing a little bit of relief, now is the time to get your home in shape before the next wave arrives!

Air Conditioner TLC

If your air conditioner is still in a state of disrepair, stop waiting to get it fixed! Many homeowners put off calling an HVAC technician because they are afraid that all they will do is try to sell them a new unit! Well, if you find a reputable and honest contractor this will not be the case. We are all becoming penny pinchers these days and many HVAC companies understand that many of us can barely afford repairs. If your air conditioner does need to be replaced though, get multiple estimates and look into financing the system. There are some great offers out there right now if you just take a moment to look!


Heat Leaks

When heat from the outdoors is able to sneak into your home, you have heat leaks! Nearly every home will have some degree of leakage, but it is the major leaks that create a noticeable difference in comfort. Leaky windows and doors can be weather sealed, but what if that is not enough. Take a moment on an exceptionally hot day to feel the ceiling in between your attic and your living space. If it is warm to the touch, you probably have heat building up in your attic that is seeping into your living space. This can greatly diminish the effectiveness of your air conditioner and cause temperature variances throughout the home! Have a pro come out and assess your attic for ventilation and insulation issues. Any reduction of heat in the attic will lead to a reduction of heat inside the home!


Don’t wait for another heat wave to finally do something about the lack of comfort in your home! Act now while prices are favorable and temperatures are mild, so that when you need your air conditioner to work it will!

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