The Truth about Indoor Air Quality

This winter, many of us will become ill with flu or cold-like symptoms, and though we may blame the season, the source of the problem may actually be the quality of your indoor air. The cold weather forces us to spend much more time indoors than we normally would if the weather were warm, and in doing so, many of us are exposing ourselves to some very contaminated air.

Now is the time to take back your indoor air quality and do something about the contaminants you and your family are breathing in every day. This info-graphic highlights some of the most startling facts about indoor air quality, and will be sure to motivate you and your family to make some changes now!

Via: FH Furr

Let the Fresh Air in this Fall!

Finally, the nights are cooling down enough to allow us to open the windows and with the chill of fall comes fresh air into the home! But, before you know it the temperatures will be too cold to leave the windows open, so before you lock up the windows for the rest of the year, ask yourself, “How is the air quality in my home?” Dirt, dust, dander, and millions of other particles build up in our HVAC duct system all year long, and as long as the debris is stuck in the ducts, it will continue to circulate into the air you and your family breathes!

Dirty Duct Work

Dirty ducts could be the source of continued allergy and respiratory irritations and unexplained illnesses. Luckily, there is something you can do to get this mess out of your ducts, and the results could last up to the three years or more! Continue reading

Duct Cleaners Cutting Corners

What is a duct cleaning? Many people may think that they know the easy answer to this question, but do you really know what a duct cleaning looks like or what it should consist of? There are far too many companies out there that are giving consumers the wrong impression of this service, and as a result, many homeowners are starting to think that a duct cleaning just isn’t worth their time or their hard earned money. However, if you knew what this service was supposed to look like, you would see the value in it.

Lacking the Tools and the Know How!

Many illegitimate duct cleaning companies don’t have the necessary tools or skill to clean the duct work properly. They may look the part but in the end they leave you with dirty ducts and a much lighter wallet. They trick their way into your home by offering attractively low pricing. They hook up a collection device to the ducts and basically spend the next couple hours up selling you on additional services. Continue reading

Control Your Energy Costs this Summer

Although this past winter offered Chicagoans a break from the hefty costs of heating a home, there is no guarantee that this summer will do the same. In fact, we can all expect our wallets to become a little lighter at the gas pump because even if home energy costs stay low, gas prices are already expected to soar! Unless you want to sit out in the heat without your air conditioner, now is the time to start beefing up the energy efficiency of your home. Here are two low cost ways you can save big bucks on your cooling bills this summer.

Low Cost Improvements that Lead to Big Savings

  • Seal Your Duct Work: Leaking ducts lose much of the heating and cooling they are trying to pass around the home before it ever reaches its target room. Seal these leaks and your will not only experience increased comfort, but you will also find that your air conditioner uses less energy to keep you cool.
  • Clean Your Air Conditioner: A dirty air conditioner is another source of energy efficiency loss within the home. During the early parts of the summer season, many HVAC contractors offer big discounts to those that get their air conditioner cleaned early on. Take advantage of these discounts and boost your air conditioners efficiency at a very affordable cost.

Any improvement you make to the energy efficiency of your home will put money back in your pocket every month. You may not be able to control the gas prices, but you can control how much energy your home wastes by making green home improvements as soon as possible!

Upgrade without Installing Duct Work

So you are finally ready to get rid of that old boiler, and upgrade to forced air heating. Some homeowners want forced air because they want to install central air conditioning and others want to upgrade simply for improved energy efficiency. However, installing duct work in a finished home can cost thousands alone and can greatly disturb the home. There is a better way to get forced air in your home with a mini split ductless heating and cooling system.

Solving Your Heating and Cooling Problems

A mini split ductless heating and cooling system is very unique. Through the use of one centralized condenser you can heat and cool each room in the home individually. Wall mounted systems are installed in the target rooms and a remote control can individually adjust the temperature to the desired levels in each space. This system solves many problems all at once, including: Continue reading

Changing Your Filter and Identifying Problems

Many people have questions about changing their furnace’s filter, and when searching for an answer you will find a lot of mixed information out there. There are no clean cut answers that can be applied to every home and everyone must assess their own situation in order to determine what is best for their heating and cooling systems.  You will hear many people give the blanket answer, “Change your filter every 30 days,” but filter manufacturers have no way of knowing where your unit is installed, the age of the furnace or the condition of your duct work.  Therefore, we recommend following these simple steps in order to determine what is best for your particular situation:

  • Check the filter at least every 30 days even if your filter manufacturer states your filter can be last longer.  Depending on the state of the air quality in your home you may not be able to get much more than 30 days of safe use per filter. Keeping a dirty filter in the system can cause air flow and air quality problems that can have serious consequences for the condition of your furnace. If the filter can last longer and it is still clean at 30 days, you can keep it in, but don’t forget to keep checking it every 30 days! Continue reading

Pros Have the Time You Don’t Have

Many of us lead very busy lives. Between work, family, taking care of the home, and finding time to spend with friends, some things just have to wait. Far too often, the things that get thrown on the backburner are repairs and maintenance that need to be performed in the home. Ignoring these problems or letting them go for long periods of time often leaves you with a much bigger problem than you originally had. Clogged sinks won’t unclog themselves and cracked drywall won’t reseal without someone taking the time to perform these repairs. Many of us don’t have the time it takes to make these kinds of repairs, and that is where the pros come in handy. They can take care of those jobs you have been putting off for far too long.

Don’t Avoid the Pros

Many people like to avoid calling in the professionals at all costs. They automatically assume that the cost will be outrageous and therefore think that they would be better off attempting the repair on their own. In some cases this may be true, but many repairs are outside the talents of the typical handyman. The average homeowner attempting a repair that is beyond their reach could end up costing more than it would have to simply have the job done right the first time by a professional. Continue reading