Fall is Here! Time to Prepare for Winter

We have officially entered the fall season. The weather is changing as well as the color on the trees and it’s my favorite time of year. However it is also a time of year were many people while enjoying the fall colors forget about preparing for the winter just ahead.

Pre-Winter Maintenance

Have you done the pre-winter maintenance? Checked your humidifier for proper operation? Replaced the bulbs in your UV light? Changed your filter and had the furnace and hot water tank combustion compartments cleaned? What about covering your air conditioner with a proper fitting cover has that been taken care of too? Continue reading


Let the Fresh Air in this Fall!

Finally, the nights are cooling down enough to allow us to open the windows and with the chill of fall comes fresh air into the home! But, before you know it the temperatures will be too cold to leave the windows open, so before you lock up the windows for the rest of the year, ask yourself, “How is the air quality in my home?” Dirt, dust, dander, and millions of other particles build up in our HVAC duct system all year long, and as long as the debris is stuck in the ducts, it will continue to circulate into the air you and your family breathes!

Dirty Duct Work

Dirty ducts could be the source of continued allergy and respiratory irritations and unexplained illnesses. Luckily, there is something you can do to get this mess out of your ducts, and the results could last up to the three years or more! Continue reading

Avoid Fall Allergies

We are quickly moving to the end of summer, and as we do, people who suffer with allergies are getting ready. Millions of dollars are spent each year to help those who have these respiratory issues but most over look one of the simplest ways to help. Install a powerful filtering system and all the things that float in the air causing your allergy symptoms can be reduced. Don’t be fooled by the $15, 1” filters you find at home centers, but instead choose a media filter. This type of filter is permanently added to the duct work of your system and you only have to change the filter material once or twice a year.

Air Quality Improvement

The difference in air quality that one of these filters can provide is incredible. Dirt, pollen, mold spores, dander and all other solid particles floating in the air can be either reduced or completely removed from the air in your home. The health benefits are considerable and the allergy relief is quite noticeable, simply give your favorite HVAC company a call to find out how you and your family can receive allergy relief this fall.

Time to Change HVAC Filters

The return of cool weather signals the beginning of a new season. As the leaves change and the nights become cooler, we all turn our thermostats from “cool” to “heat.” Doing this should be a reminder to all of us that it is time to change the air filters in our furnaces. There are many different styles and efficiency ratings on filters. They all need to be changed periodically. In general, the higher efficiency filters should be changed each time we change the operation of our furnaces and air conditioners. This is usually done during the spring and fall. On the other hand, the lesser efficient filters should be changed every 30 days.

More Important than You May Think!

The filter not only cleans the air we breathe, it also serves as protection for the furnace and the cooling coil attached to the furnace. The performance of your furnace and air conditioner is directly affected by the condition of the filter. As the filter collects more debris it becomes clogged and allows less air to pass through it into the HVAC system. This increases the run time of the furnace and air conditioner, and lowers the efficiency. This could eventually cause mechanical issues such as overheating or damage to the heat exchanger. Continue reading