Fall is Here! Time to Prepare for Winter

We have officially entered the fall season. The weather is changing as well as the color on the trees and it’s my favorite time of year. However it is also a time of year were many people while enjoying the fall colors forget about preparing for the winter just ahead.

Pre-Winter Maintenance

Have you done the pre-winter maintenance? Checked your humidifier for proper operation? Replaced the bulbs in your UV light? Changed your filter and had the furnace and hot water tank combustion compartments cleaned? What about covering your air conditioner with a proper fitting cover has that been taken care of too? Continue reading


Put Winter in the Past

As we all know, we are now in full blown air conditioning season, and if you are anything like me your air conditioner has been running off and on for about two months. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure the system is ready for the season, and these steps we take are crucial to ensuring out comfort all summer long. However, if your winter equipment was never properly shut down and put away for the season, you could find yourself facing some problems this summer.

Stop Feeding Water to the Humidifier

The first system you need to check is the humidifier. Now is the time to turn the water off to your humidifier. Every year we get calls from hundreds of homeowners asking about leaking water near the furnace. The water is causing serious damage to the surrounding equipment, and the source of the water is the humidifier. Protect your equipment and get some peace of mind by simply turning the water valve feeding your humidifier to the “off” position. If there is no water you can’t have a leak. Continue reading

Boost Air Circulation this Winter

Do you want to keep your home more evenly heated? Well, it’s easy! Simply run the furnace fan around the clock. In the summer we turn on a ceiling fan to circulate air in a room. When you turn your furnace fan on it does the same thing but for the entire home, and in a more subtle way. You won’t feel a breeze or a draft because the fan is circulating air. Instead, this fan helps even out the temperature from room to room and floor to floor. The heat will still turn on and off as needed but the fan will run continuously. When you do this in your home, you’ll find the house is much more evenly heated during even the coldest of winter days. As you circulate the air on a day like Thanksgiving all the heat and humidity created from cooking is circulated evenly through the house. This helps to eliminate cold spots and increase comfort.

Handling Humidity

Another benefit of running your furnace fan is increased humidity in the home. The winter months can suck all of the moisture out of the air in your home. Your skin and respiratory system will become parched and as a result, many homeowners invest in humidification systems. However, these units only circulate moisture when the furnace fan is running. Therefore, if the furnace fan is running around the clock, more moisture will be infused into the air of the home. Continue reading

Trim the Fat from Your Energy Bills

Do high natural gas prices have you worried this winter. Well you are not alone! It seems like everyone is scrapping by these days, and those energy bills are only going to make things more difficult during this upcoming winter season. However, you can take a bite out of that high energy bill with a few simple ideas that will increase the efficiency of your home.

Small Investments to Help Save Energy:

  • Programmable Thermostat: We recommend using a digital set back thermostat. This will let you automatically lower the temperature at night while you sleep yet wake up to a warm home. You can save as 12% on your gas bill if you use a 10 degree temperature roll back while you sleep. You can save even more if you use the setback mode during the day while you’re at work. Continue reading

Fall Air Quality Overhaul

With the recent weather changes and the changing colors of the trees, we have officially entered the fall allergy season. If you suffer with allergies during this season, the last thing you want to do is be cooped up inside with a bunch of irritants, but what choice do we have? We stay inside our homes because of the falling temperatures and rainy fall weather, but being locked up inside our homes should cause us to place even more importance on filtering our indoor air.

Improving Allergies

By adding a media or electronic air filter to your home HVAC system you are able to filter out contaminates like dust, pollens and mold spores along with other allergens that cause us discomfort. This therefore improves the overall air quality in the home. Additionally this filtering of the air helps to keep your heating equipment clean and functioning at peak performance. This increased level of performance reduces energy costs and could contribute to saving you money on your energy bills. Continue reading

Condensation Pump Care

A condensation pump moves water that is produced by a furnace, evaporator coil, humidifier to the necessary drainage receptacles. An annual inspection of the condensation pump can prevent costly repairs. Every year the pump should be visually checked for any cracks or overflow from its housing assembly. The interior should be discharged and inspected for any blockages that accumulate overtime. If a visible leak or overflow of the condensation pump exists, the system should be checked immediately. An overlooked leak can lead to large-scale damage from water exposure, as well as mold infiltration. As a homeowner you can purchase condensate pan treatment tablets to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the condensate pump.

Get Your Cleaning Done Yearly!

There are few parts in your furnace that benefit as much as the condensation pump from yearly maintenance checks. Those that have recently replaced their unit are probably not looking to replace the system again for several more years. In order to make this desire a reality, you must take getting your system cleaned regularly seriously and make sure that you do schedule to have a professional look at the system EVERY year.

Have You Considered Installing a Humidifier?

If you have a humidifier connected to your furnace or are planning to have one installed here are a few things you should know. The purpose of the humidifier is to add moisture to the air that is circulating throughout your home thru the duct system.  This helps to eliminate dry air in your home during the fall and winter seasons. With one of these systems in place, you will have air circulating in the home that will decrease the frequency of dry-skin and sore-throats caused by dry air. Installing a humidifier will help with your dry sinuses while helping you to save energy at the same time. Running your humidifier will create moist air which holds heat.  This will leave you feeling more comfortable and will allow you to lower your normal heat setting. 

Don’t Choke on Dry Air

If you already have a humidifier installed in your home this would be the time to change the filter if you haven’t already.  The humidifier pad, or filter, should be replaced once a year before the heating season begins. Not doing so will leave the humidifier vulnerable to mold growth and leaks, but at the very least, you won’t get the same moisture benefits that you have in the past because of the dirty filter. You are going to have the furnace cleaned anyways, so why not have your serviceman change the humidifier filter too! Don’t let your home become as dry as a desert this winter and get your humidifier ready for the season now!