Get Ready for the Cooling Season

Summer is only weeks away and yet many homeowners have not made any preparations for the upcoming season. Before you know it the heat will have arrived, and you don’t want to be one of those homeowners that are scrambling at the last minute to get the air conditioner serviced or in some cases repaired. Now is the time to make a few adjustments to your HVAC system in order to get ready for the season, and here is a simple checklist you can follow to make sure you have everything in order for summer:

  • Replace the Filter: The air filter for your air conditioner should be replaced regularly throughout the season. Start the season off right and replace this filter now to maintain indoor air quality and provide adequate airflow for the cooling system.
  • Turn Off the Humidifier: The humidifier is designed to add moisture to the air in the home during the winter. The summer air is already humid, so any extra moisture added would be excessive. The air conditioner must remove this moisture from the air in order to achieve home comfort, so the humidifier must be shut down in order to make it easier for the air conditioner to cool the home. Continue reading

What to Do if Your Air Conditioner Freezes

Without fail, every year, hundreds of homeowners call at the beginning of the cooling season because the air conditioner began to develop ice on its lines and the unit is not putting out adequate cool air. Though this problem is common throughout the season, starting the unit up for the first time often reveals damage that was either left from last season or that occurred during the condensers long winter outdoors. No matter the cause, you need to get the system back up and running before the real heat of summer arrives. Most homeowners rush to the internet for quick fixes, but there is very little a homeowner can do about a frozen air conditioner. More likely than not, you will need professional help.

Shut the Unit Down and Check the Filter

However, there are a couple steps you can try on your own. The first and most important step is to shut the cooling system down. This will shut off the compressor and prevent the system from burning itself out and causing more damage. You could run the fan alone to help circulate warmer air over the coils to speed the thawing process. While the air conditioner is thawing, check the filter. A dirty filter left from over the winter season could be choking off the airflow to the coils. This could be the cause of the freezing. Continue reading

Consequences of a Dirty Coil

If you have been looking into getting the air conditioner cleaned and maintained for the season, you have probably gotten many mixed messages during your searches on the internet. Of course the HVAC contractors are going to tell you that their service is valuable, but is there truth to their claims? Some may try to convince you that this service is a waste of your hard earned money, but don’t take them at their word! If you were to take a peek at their cooling bills or at their air conditioner, you would probably find a system that is falling apart and a utility bill that is sky high!

The Condition of the Cooling Coil

Odds are their cooling coil is a wreck! This valuable component of your air conditioning system is responsible for removing the heat and excess humidity from the air in your home. When the coil is covered in years worth of dirt and debris, these are some of the consequences you may see:

  • Increased Cooling Cost: The longer it takes for the air conditioner to remove heat from the air in your home, the more it will cost to run the air conditioner. A dirty coil cannot remove heat and humidity from the air efficiently, and as the coil gets dirty the efficiency of the air conditioner is decreased. You could be paying much more than necessary to cool the air in your home and your dirty coil could be the source of your problem. Continue reading