Programmable Thermostat Location and Use

There has been a lot of talk about how much money programmable thermostats can supposedly save the average homeowner, but can a programmable really save you as much money as they say it can? Energy Star states that the average homeowner can save about $180 a year when properly using a programmable thermostat, but the problem is that most of us invest in these pricier thermostats but never use them correctly. You have to find a program that works best with your schedule and actually set the thermostat to run that program! If your schedule changes you have to adjust the program. This is the only way you will see these kinds of savings on your energy bills. Continue reading


Save Now on a New Air Conditioner

Despite already having several months of above average temperatures this year, the summer isn’t over yet. Now there is a scary thought for you. Yes, we can expect at least another month or more of heat and humidity. So the question is, “How is your air conditioner working?” Is the system cooling your home well, or is your old unit having trouble keeping up? You’ve lived with the unit this long into the summer suffering in the heat, but you don’t have to suffer anymore!

Potential Savings Mid-Summer

For those of you who have systems that are not working as well as you would want. There are some incredible sales and deals this time of year. Those deals include manufacturer rebates, utility company rebates, and very aggressive pricing along with no interest financing options for as long as 60 months. Getting to take 5 years to pay off your unit makes affording a new air conditioner easy! So if you think this might be your time to look at making the move to a more efficient and reliable piece of equipment give your favorite HVAC contractor a call and schedule an in home estimate. With the new system installed you will be able to enjoy the rest of the summer in a cool and comfortable home!

Taking Baby Steps towards a Solar Powered Home

Going solar is no longer only a project that “tree-huggers” undertake. With the many advances in solar technology, countless homeowners are beginning to see how making an investment in solar panels is becoming more practical and affordable. Are you considering having your air conditioner replaced this summer? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity to start building a solar powered energy system in your home. Lennox Home Comfort Systems has created a completely customizable solar system that can start small and grow over time to possibly even power the entire home!

SunSource® Home Energy System from Lennox

The SunSource® Home Energy System from Lennox begins with the installation of a SunSource® Solar-Ready air conditioner or heat pump. These high efficiency systems use the least amount of energy possible to cool down your home, and when you pair the system with a few solar panels, you can cut down the cost of operation even further. As the savings begin to pile up, you can put money aside to purchase additional panels down the line. Depending on the size and demands of your home, you can install up to 15 solar panels on the roof and the amount of energy you generate from these panels could eventually cancel out the cost of electricity use in your home all together. Continue reading

R-22 Prices Skyrockets as Summer Approaches

With summer on its way, take a moment to consider the type of refrigerant your air conditioner uses to remove heat from the air in your home. Unless you are very involved in the care of your air conditioner, odds are you have no idea which type your air conditioner uses. However, if you haven’t replaced the air conditioner recently, odds are your system uses R-22. If this is indeed the case, it just got a lot more expensive to repair leaks that may occur within your unit, and unfortunately, leaks are among the most common air conditioner problems. Now may be the time to rethink investing any more money into this outdated system.

Phasing Our R-22

We have been in the midst of an R-22 phase out over the past several years. This type of refrigerant is harmful to our environment and with it leaking out of systems all across America, a change had to be made. We now use R-410a refrigerant in newer air conditioning systems, and this refrigerant is not harmful if released into the atmosphere. As R-22 is phased out, it will continue to become scarcer and therefore more expensive. Continue reading

Making the Right Choices When Installing an Air Conditioner

Most people would assume that installing an air conditioner is simply a matter of picking the one you want and hooking it up to the home. In reality, the process is much more complicated, and choosing the wrong air conditioner for your home or not having it professionally installed could be a costly mistake. Take the time to do your research not only on air conditioners but also on potential contractors you may choose to trust with the installation of your new unit.

Your Salesman and Installers

The salesman that comes to your home must do more than simply match the new unit to the size of the old system. He should take the time to get to know your needs and asses the home’s cooling load before making any recommendations. The installation crew that eventually puts in the new air conditioner must also have the experience and skills to properly level and install the unit. Here are some of the areas you should ask either your salesman or installers about before they ever leave your home: Continue reading

Upgrade without Installing Duct Work

So you are finally ready to get rid of that old boiler, and upgrade to forced air heating. Some homeowners want forced air because they want to install central air conditioning and others want to upgrade simply for improved energy efficiency. However, installing duct work in a finished home can cost thousands alone and can greatly disturb the home. There is a better way to get forced air in your home with a mini split ductless heating and cooling system.

Solving Your Heating and Cooling Problems

A mini split ductless heating and cooling system is very unique. Through the use of one centralized condenser you can heat and cool each room in the home individually. Wall mounted systems are installed in the target rooms and a remote control can individually adjust the temperature to the desired levels in each space. This system solves many problems all at once, including: Continue reading

Go Green with this Winter’s Savings

Though the snow may be falling now, so far this winter has been very mild by comparison to years past. This has left many homeowners with much fuller pockets than usual and that money needs to be put to good use. That means that we need to find good investments to ensure that this money is well spent. Investing this money in your home is a great place to start and spending it in improving the homes energy efficiency is even better! Going green has many benefits for the environment and for your wallet. Take a moment to look at your last energy bill. Odds are the cost was much lower than you were paying at the same time last year. How would you like to pay that much on your energy bills every year! Making energy efficient upgrade could make that possible!

3 Wise Energy Efficient Investments:

  • HVAC Replacement: Replacing the furnace and air conditioner could be your best bet at this time. Air conditioners are out of season and therefore at amazingly low prices, and if your furnace and air conditioner are in bad shape, replacing them could be all that your home needs to make low energy bills a common occurrence in your home. Continue reading

Three Very Good Reasons to Replace Your Old Boiler

Boilers have been known to last much longer than the average furnace, but this isn’t necessarily something to take pride in. Sure, it is great to get the most out of your investment, but when the unit is going on 30 or 40 years of age, you may be pushing your luck. You could be heading for a very inconvenient breakdown or even a home disaster. At the very least you are probably overspending by hundreds every year on your energy bills just to operate that ancient artifact! Now may be the time to replace that boiler on your terms instead of waiting for the worst!

Plan Your Boiler Replacement Now!

  • Energy Inefficiency: Modern boilers are required to be over 80% energy efficient with the fuel that they use. This has been a somewhat recent requirement, and your old boiler probably has no hope of every reaching this level of efficiency even with the best maintenance. Older units are usually somewhere around 50-60 % efficient with the fuel they use and that is a huge waste. Think of the money you could save by simply upgrading to the new minimum! The higher the rating the bigger the savings and the faster you earn your money back! Continue reading

Added Benefits of Variable Speed Furnaces

Are you in the market for a new furnace? If so, you will quickly find that there are a number of choices and options to choose from when finding the perfect unit for your home. When you have to keep a budget in mind, there are some options you may be tempted to go without, however, there are some that shouldn’t be left behind. Choosing a furnace that has a variable speed motor is one such option that should not be overlooked. These units may be slightly pricier, but they will often save you more down the line.

AFUE Ratings Aren’t Enough

Most HVAC salesmen will push AFUE ratings as the selling point of any furnace. Sure AFUE is important, but it doesn’t take into account the amount of electricity the furnace will use as well. AFUE ratings are simply a measurement of natural gas use efficiency, but when you consider that electricity is more expensive than gas in most areas of the country, it is important to consider this cost as well. Continue reading

Maintenance and the Longevity of Your Furnace

If well taken care of, the typical furnace should be able to last about 20 years before needing to be replaced. However, thousands of homeowners find out the hard way that they did not take the necessary steps to preserve the unit and end up investing in a new unit much sooner than they planned. Most manufacturers include a clause in their warranty that required the homeowner to have a professional clean the unit yearly. Most assume that this is some tactic used by them to make more money, but really they have your best interests at heart. They want you to get the most out of their product and that can only be done when the homeowner takes proper care of the system.

How to Care for Your Furnace

            How do you take proper care of a system? Well it’s easy! Contact your favorite HVAC contractor and schedule yearly maintenance checks! Then, change your filter regularly and get the unit fixed at the first sign of a problem! Putting off repairs or failing to change the filter when it is dirty is just as bad as not having the yearly tune up done. It may cost you a little bit every year to get this work done, but the long term benefits defiantly outweigh the cost. We have seen units fail after just 7 years when not properly cared for. You could miss out on years of reliable service and find yourself shoveling out thousands in replacement costs a mere 7 years after the installation. Put some distance between you and the cost of replacement and get your yearly maintenance taken care of now!