Exhaust Fan and Ventilation Performance

This chilly winter season is likely to be full of piping hot showers and home cooked meals to bring some warmth and comfort into our homes. However, if your exhaust fans and ventilation systems aren’t working their best, you may be inviting mold growth and nasty odors into your home as well. Now is the time to test these fans and to educate your family members about the importance of flipping that switch when they are cooking and showering. Not doing so could cost you big time.

Test Your Fan’s Strength

The exhaust fan and its ventilation system can be quite easily tested. You can use what we like to call the tissue test in order to determine whether or not your exhaust fan has sufficient power to remove moisture and bad odors. Simply hold a tissue up to the exhaust fan, and let go. If the tissue sticks to the grate protecting the motor, you probably have enough power. If not, you defiantly need to have this fan either replaced or repaired. The problem may not be with the fan itself, but the duct work that leads out the roof of the home may have an obstruction that is preventing the fan from doing its job. Continue reading


Condensation Pump Care

A condensation pump moves water that is produced by a furnace, evaporator coil, humidifier to the necessary drainage receptacles. An annual inspection of the condensation pump can prevent costly repairs. Every year the pump should be visually checked for any cracks or overflow from its housing assembly. The interior should be discharged and inspected for any blockages that accumulate overtime. If a visible leak or overflow of the condensation pump exists, the system should be checked immediately. An overlooked leak can lead to large-scale damage from water exposure, as well as mold infiltration. As a homeowner you can purchase condensate pan treatment tablets to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the condensate pump.

Get Your Cleaning Done Yearly!

There are few parts in your furnace that benefit as much as the condensation pump from yearly maintenance checks. Those that have recently replaced their unit are probably not looking to replace the system again for several more years. In order to make this desire a reality, you must take getting your system cleaned regularly seriously and make sure that you do schedule to have a professional look at the system EVERY year.