Northerners Faced with Furnace Replacement

Those of us that live in the northern half of the United States endure some of the most extreme winter seasons. Blizzards are not uncommon in Maine or Illinois, and as a result, the heating system is used around the clock during the coldest months of the year, typically October to April or May depending on the year. Heavy use of the heating system not only leads to high energy costs, but it also causes a lot of air pollution.

The combustion process that your heating system uses to create heat for the home pumps out greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Natural gas furnaces may be the cleanest burning units when compared to the alternatives, propane, oil, wood, and electricity, but if your furnace is wasteful with the natural gas it consumes it can still be a major contributor to pollution. Continue reading


Summer Use of Natural Gas

During the summer months, natural gas use in the United States drops by about 30% when compared to the amount used during the winter months. The drop in use is mainly due to the furnace no longer being needed, but there are still other appliances that use natural gas, mainly the oven and the hot water tank. These appliances are still in use during the summer, and the electricity bill will see an increase from the use of the air conditioner. The mild winter has lead to predictions for an extra hot summer, so many of us will be bracing ourselves for painfully high electricity bills. We are all going to be looking for ways to save money, and cutting your natural gas costs even further is an easy way to do this!

Two Ways to Use Less Natural Gas

  • Minimize Use of the Oven: The over uses significant amount of natural gas every time you turn it on, but it also adds a lot of extra heat to the home. The air conditioner must remove this extra heat and it will consume extra electricity to do so. Therefore reducing use of the over is key to saving money! Move your kitchen outdoors this summer and use the grill instead! Many things that can be cooked in an oven can be grilled, and you will save money while enjoying the season as well! Continue reading

Green HVAC Made Affordable

When going green first became popular, everything that was made to be more energy efficient also cost the consumer more money. Much of the technology was new and not many people were taking advantage of the long term savings that could be had with an energy efficient upgrade. As time has passed, however, going green has become the standard. Nearly every homeowner is doing something to make their home more energy efficient and as a result, going green has become more affordable for those of us that operate on a tight budget. Now you don’t have to invest as much initially to save more in the long run, and the best part is that this fact now applies to the purchase of HVAC systems as well!

High Efficiency on a Budget

Many HVAC manufacturers like Lennox Home Comfort Systems have created furnaces that can reach impressive energy efficiency levels while still fitting into a budget. The Lennox G43 is one such system. This unit falls under the lowest price level for heating systems from Lennox, yet it still carries an AFUE rating of 92.1%. This unit is also Energy Star rated and can save you hundreds every year on your natural gas bills. The unit may not have every fancy technology that the high end units have, but when it comes to going green, the amount of fuel that the unit consumes is what is truly most important. Continue reading

Added Benefits of Variable Speed Furnaces

Are you in the market for a new furnace? If so, you will quickly find that there are a number of choices and options to choose from when finding the perfect unit for your home. When you have to keep a budget in mind, there are some options you may be tempted to go without, however, there are some that shouldn’t be left behind. Choosing a furnace that has a variable speed motor is one such option that should not be overlooked. These units may be slightly pricier, but they will often save you more down the line.

AFUE Ratings Aren’t Enough

Most HVAC salesmen will push AFUE ratings as the selling point of any furnace. Sure AFUE is important, but it doesn’t take into account the amount of electricity the furnace will use as well. AFUE ratings are simply a measurement of natural gas use efficiency, but when you consider that electricity is more expensive than gas in most areas of the country, it is important to consider this cost as well. Continue reading

Trim the Fat from Your Energy Bills

Do high natural gas prices have you worried this winter. Well you are not alone! It seems like everyone is scrapping by these days, and those energy bills are only going to make things more difficult during this upcoming winter season. However, you can take a bite out of that high energy bill with a few simple ideas that will increase the efficiency of your home.

Small Investments to Help Save Energy:

  • Programmable Thermostat: We recommend using a digital set back thermostat. This will let you automatically lower the temperature at night while you sleep yet wake up to a warm home. You can save as 12% on your gas bill if you use a 10 degree temperature roll back while you sleep. You can save even more if you use the setback mode during the day while you’re at work. Continue reading