Maximize Indoor Air Quality Improvement Products

With the arrival of spring, many homeowners are finding that their allergy symptoms have also made an appearance. Instead of suffering all season long, many of these people are deciding to upgrade their indoor air quality products in hopes that they will be able to remove many of their allergy irritants from the air within the home. High powered air cleaners or MERV 16 air filters are a great asset for any home, but are you getting the most out of your indoor air quality improvement products? If you aren’t running the circulating fan around the clock, then you are missing out on cleaner air and possibly better allergy relief.

Around the Clock Circulation

Air cleaners and filters that use the furnace’s circulation fan to clean the air can be helped along when you run the furnace fan around the clock. The only way that these filters can clean the air is when this circulating fan is running because they do not have a fan of their own. Normally the fan will shut down in between cycles, but if you go to the thermostat and turn the fan to the “on” position, it will run in between cycles as well. This will maximize that amount of air that comes in contact with the filter and therefore lead to cleaner, fresher air in the home.



Wait for Winter to Truly be Over

With the weather turning warmer and people moving back outside it sure feels like spring is in the air. So when should you remove your air conditioner cover and get ready for the first hot day? I know no one wants to hear this but we still have a few weeks of winter left. Although this past winter has been pretty mild, in the past we have had snow as late as May, and it is not uncommon for a heavy snow storm to hit the Chicagoland area in March. With this possibility looming in the forecast, maybe it is too early to uncover the air conditioner and get it set up for the summer.

Wait to Uncover but Don’t Wait to Schedule

Instead of rushing outside to take the cover off, give the air conditioner a few more weeks of protection from the potential threats of winter. By the end of March or early April, the weather should have improved enough to take the cover off. During this time, however, you should call up your local heating and cooling contractor to schedule your yearly maintenance check. Sure they may not be able to come out until the end of March or early April but the earlier you call the better scheduling options you will have. The yearly cleaning is the best way to get the unit set up and ready for the summer season, but waiting to schedule could leave you with an air conditioner that is not ready when you need it most. These few simple steps will get you ready for another hot humid Chicago summer that is sure to be right around the corner.

Time to Change HVAC Filters

The return of cool weather signals the beginning of a new season. As the leaves change and the nights become cooler, we all turn our thermostats from “cool” to “heat.” Doing this should be a reminder to all of us that it is time to change the air filters in our furnaces. There are many different styles and efficiency ratings on filters. They all need to be changed periodically. In general, the higher efficiency filters should be changed each time we change the operation of our furnaces and air conditioners. This is usually done during the spring and fall. On the other hand, the lesser efficient filters should be changed every 30 days.

More Important than You May Think!

The filter not only cleans the air we breathe, it also serves as protection for the furnace and the cooling coil attached to the furnace. The performance of your furnace and air conditioner is directly affected by the condition of the filter. As the filter collects more debris it becomes clogged and allows less air to pass through it into the HVAC system. This increases the run time of the furnace and air conditioner, and lowers the efficiency. This could eventually cause mechanical issues such as overheating or damage to the heat exchanger. Continue reading