Let the Fresh Air in this Fall!

Finally, the nights are cooling down enough to allow us to open the windows and with the chill of fall comes fresh air into the home! But, before you know it the temperatures will be too cold to leave the windows open, so before you lock up the windows for the rest of the year, ask yourself, “How is the air quality in my home?” Dirt, dust, dander, and millions of other particles build up in our HVAC duct system all year long, and as long as the debris is stuck in the ducts, it will continue to circulate into the air you and your family breathes!

Dirty Duct Work

Dirty ducts could be the source of continued allergy and respiratory irritations and unexplained illnesses. Luckily, there is something you can do to get this mess out of your ducts, and the results could last up to the three years or more! Continue reading


Go Green with this Winter’s Savings

Though the snow may be falling now, so far this winter has been very mild by comparison to years past. This has left many homeowners with much fuller pockets than usual and that money needs to be put to good use. That means that we need to find good investments to ensure that this money is well spent. Investing this money in your home is a great place to start and spending it in improving the homes energy efficiency is even better! Going green has many benefits for the environment and for your wallet. Take a moment to look at your last energy bill. Odds are the cost was much lower than you were paying at the same time last year. How would you like to pay that much on your energy bills every year! Making energy efficient upgrade could make that possible!

3 Wise Energy Efficient Investments:

  • HVAC Replacement: Replacing the furnace and air conditioner could be your best bet at this time. Air conditioners are out of season and therefore at amazingly low prices, and if your furnace and air conditioner are in bad shape, replacing them could be all that your home needs to make low energy bills a common occurrence in your home. Continue reading

Weather Stripping Your Windows

Sometimes we know that there is a need to replace something in the home, but we just simply can’t afford it. We will do anything we can to put off the replacement and make minor repairs in the hopes that it will solve our problems for at least a couple more years while we save for the big replacement investment. For many homes, the windows are the source of the problem, but the cost of replacement windows is just too high. Luckily, many of the typical problems that old windows have can be solved with simple, and cheap, do it yourself projects. These projects can be completed in a matter of hours and will add on at least a few more years to the life of your windows.

Weather Stripping and Insulating

Weather stripping is a rather simple project that will seal air leaks around your windows and doors. The easiest type of weather-stripping to install is the adhesive-backed type, and it can be purchased at any local hardware store. Weather stripping your windows is a do-it-yourself project, even if you aren’t much of a do-it-yourselfer. You can also seal the windows with films during the winter months. Plastic, or any other material that may be used, can boost the insulating ability of your old windows and keep out winter’s chill. For this all you need is a hairdryer and a sealing kit. Finally, if plastic films on your windows don’t seem appealing, you could also hang heavy curtains. Either make them yourself or search for them on sale, but either way, they will help keep out the cold drafts that may seep around your window and into your home. Continue reading