Your HVAC Contractor is Not a Plumber!

No homeowner likes having to call in a professional to perform repairs, but when you are forced to employ their services, it is important that you choose the right pro for the job! Many states require contractors to acquire licenses for the various types of work that they claim to perform, and as the consumer hiring their services, making sure your contractor is properly licensed could be the difference between a job well done and a job that needs to be re-done! There are some HVAC contractors out there that advertize plumbing services along with their heating and cooling services. This isn’t a problem if the company is licensed to do both and hires both licensed HVAC professionals and licensed plumbers, but if you don’t ask for proof of a plumbing license, don’t assume that your HVAC contractor is qualified.

Why Do My Contractors and Repairmen Need to be Licensed?

Many states require that contractors become licensed in order to perform certain repairs in a customer’s home. These laws were put in place to protect consumers from illegitimate companies that masquerade as professionals. When a company performs these repairs without a license there is no guarantee that they had any formal training at all. When a company has licensed plumbers on staff, you know that they had to undergo years of training in order to pass the state examination to get their license. A license is a guarantee that this plumber is qualified to work on your system. Many HVAC companies will have people on staff that know a thing or two about the plumbing system but they aren’t licensed. They may take on a job too big for their limited knowledge and you could end up cleaning up their mess.

Research rather than Regret

Regardless of the service you are having performed, always make sure to ask your contractor about licensing. Ask for license numbers and then check them with the state or your local BBB. Also ask if the servicemen are also licensed because some companies will hire “technicians” rather than licensed professionals. They will allow these technicians to operate under their license and this practice is often illegal in many states. Getting a legitimate contractor to do the work in your home does take a little effort on your part, but when the job is done properly the first time, you will not regret it.


One thought on “Your HVAC Contractor is Not a Plumber!

  1. I agree with the research factor – way too many homeowners are ripped off because they only go by some online review. My own brother purchase a new hybrid system from a York dealer, and that dealer didn’t have a clue. The heat pump never provided heat until they had someone else look at it.

    You guys should check out a site I work with called This directory lists only legit contractors, and identifies if they offer anything in addition to HVAC, like plumbing or electrical. Cheers.

    – kyler boudreau / 310.425.2231

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